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Pager, pagers and paging systems for staff, customers, waiters, guests, first aid, hospital, restaurant, kitchen or other use we have it all - buy DIRECT from the manufacturer - simple, safe, superior and smarter.


Aquapager LRS patented waterproof pagers

The all new AQUA PAGER is completely waterproof and is the ONLY pager that is made from antibacterial plastics - a first in the industry and protected by LRS patents.


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Table Tracker, the LRS patented system, helps runners deliver food orders faster. The device wirelessly senses the exact table number each order should be delivered to.


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The RT1202 isa new unit that has EIGHT dry contacts, that when open or closed can either SMS text, page or even email you directly - LRS Direct!

Push for service solutions for retail, manufacturing, first aid and more with 10 years warranty

Retail Paging

Call buttons or push for service paging and pager systems for the most demanding sector in business. Unique designs - call buttons with SMS text paging ability or emails. Colllect data - only available from us - DIRECT from LRS UK - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Make your Queue invisible with the first and best coaster paging system with 10 years warranty

Customer Pager

We invented the first coaster pager in 1993. We have pagers with antibacterial plastics and have other novel designs including alpha text on board the pager system - and now SMS text paging unique to LRS - Buy DIRECT from LRS UK - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

The most robust staff paging systems with 10 year warranty

Staff Pagers

Simply whether you need text pagers, alpha pagers or buzzers with LEDs  LRS has the lot - the most robust pagers and paging products in the world which can be antibacterial by design - waiters, kitchens, restaurants and more. Now with SMS text options - trust LRS - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Pager Caller Systems by LRS UK

We have developed this website to highlight some of the new smarter products and developments that we have been working on in the field of on-site paging systems.

As a product manufacturer we have the ability to engineer and develop products for a worldwide marketplace.

However, if we had been a distributor or dealer then we would only be able to sell what we buy in, often unable to control quality of product.

That's one of the fundamental differences between Long range Systems and other companies here in the UK.

If you have any communications issues in your business, whether you are a restaurant, hospital, professional office, first aid controller, manufacturer, casino, leisure industry, security, financial, opticians, pharmacy or other business (there's really too many to list) we can help.

We supply some of the largest corporates right here in the United Kingdom with our paging systems and pager solutions.

Latest developments include SMS paging both stand alone or from a computer network.

And our retail push for service and call buttons are used nationally.

Online Videos - click the image below for our video demonstrations



We now offer a 10 year warranty* to all customers and also offer a new for old policy for manufacturing defect warranty items.

What's more, we typically supply on a 14 day trial period, so if the product is not for you then providing the system is returned in as new condition we will refund your purchase*

Features and Benefits of our systems:

  • Smarter paging solutions for every industry
  • Complete and unique range of paging systems
  • Custom paging products interchangeable between systems
  • Quality and robust products for the highest level of integrity
  • Expansion of the systems to huge numbers of beepers
  • Simple and complete integration in to POS Systems
  • The best price and performance in the world for any pager systems

No matter what you need for your communications you can be sure that will offer a system that is simple, safe, superior and smarter than any other products on the market today and with our warranties?

What are you waiting for?

Please do  contact LRS or call us on 01782 537000 to get the LRS advantage.

Simple, safe, superior and smarter.









Pager Caller Systems

We make all kinds of pager and smarter paging systems for staff, waiters, customers and retail (in fact we supply over 35 industries). We now offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty and a 14 day free trial - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Retail Paging Solutions

Whether one button, multi button, specialist applications such as opticians or even high quality restaurants we have call buttons for every requirement - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Staff Pager Systems

Our Staff Paging Systems go from simple stand alone, to SMS text paging or even systems that integrate in to your phone system - every solution available right now - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Waiter Pager Systems

We make the finest waiter paging systems from kitchen to waiters in the world. From simple one transmitter to multi transmitters for many kitchens and all our pagers are very robust. We use antibacterial plastics in our pagers to protect your staff from bacteria transmission which is unique in the industry - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Customer Paging Systems

AQUAPAGER waterproof pager unique to LRS. Coaster pager with full TEXT facility and paddle pagers with advertising. SMS TEXTING direct to your customer without range issues. Our customer pagers use antibacterial plastics to protect your customers from bacteria transmission which is unique in the industry - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

Smarter Call HD System

This HD pager is set to revolutionise the industry - and your business too. Reprogramming over the air, TEXT messages, continual monitoring, SMS page if regular page fails, customer waitlist feedback, GPS tracking, IP54 and more. Smarter Call HD customer pagers  system uses antibacterial plastics to protect your customers from bacteria transmission which is unique in the industry - simple, safe, superior and smarter.

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Paging Systems DIRECT from the manufacturer

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